Who Buys Used Hot Water Heaters Near Me: A Comprehensive Guide

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Who Buys Used Hot Water Heaters Near Me

In this article we discussed who buys used hot water heaters near me. Many individuals are still trying to figure out what to do with their old water heater when it is time to replace it. Some may believe it is worthless and dispose of it, while others may try to sell it for scrap metal. However, several customers are interested in used water heaters, and you can make some money by selling your old unit.

Contacting local plumbing and HVAC businesses is one option for selling a secondhand water heater. These companies might be interested in buying derivative units to repair and resale, or they might be able to direct you to other purchasers in the region. Furthermore, some businesses provide trade-in schemes where clients can earn a discount on a new device in exchange for their old one.

Scrap metal traders are another possible consumer for discarded water heaters. While the unit’s value will vary According to its quality and the current metals scrap market price, selling the device for scrap can make you some money. However, it is crucial to know that not all scrap metal merchants will accept water heaters because they may contain hazardous materials like lead and mercury. Understanding local legislation and locating a reliable vendor who can handle the unit correctly is critical.

Understanding Used Hot Water Heaters

Secondhand water heaters are a typical commodity in the market—homeowners who are upgrading or renovating their appliances a lot market them. Understanding the fundamentals of who buys used hot water heaters near me helps you decide when purchasing or selling one.

Types of Hot Water Heaters

Two types of water heaters are tank and tankless. Ank water heaters are less expensive than tankless heaters because they store hot water in a big tank. Disposable water heaters heat water as needed. They save energy, but they are more costly to buy and install.

Age and Condition

The age and quality of a used water heater are critical considerations. Most water heaters last between 10 and 15 years. If a used water heater is nearing the end of its useful life, the investment may not be worth it. Wear and tear signs, such as rust or leaks, suggest a water heater is in bad shape.

Installation and Maintenance

To extend a water heater’s lifespan, properly install and maintain it. Confirm that the previous water heateris in placecorrectly and thaEvery essential license got it. “Regular maintenance, such as tank flushing and leak detection, can also assist in extending the life of a water heater.

Local Plumbing Stores

Local plumbing stores are a fantastic place to start when purchasing or selling secondhand water heaters. These stores often have a diverse selection of new and secondhand plumbing equipment, including water heaters.

One advantage of purchasing from a local plumbing store is that they frequently stock an excellent selection of secondhand water heaters. It is convenient if you’re looking for a particular brand or model that may need help finding elsewhere. Many local plumbing stores, in addition to selling old water heaters, also provide installation and repair services. It can be a fantastic choice if you are uncomfortable installing the heater or require repairs to an existing unit.

Another advantage of purchasing at a local plumbing store is that knowledgeable staff often provide expert advice. They can advise you on the best size and kind of water heater for your needs and provide maintenance and care advice.

Local plumbing stores might be a great resource if you’re looking to buy or sell a used water heater. They provide a handy and dependable solution for homeowners and contractors alike with their large selection, installation and maintenance services, and expert guidance.

Who Buys Used Hot Water Heaters Near Me

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are the most common sites to sell old water heaters. These platforms make connecting with possible buyers in your area simple and handy. Among the best online markets to examine are:

Bay is a well-known online marketplace where people can purchase and sell various items, including old water heaters. Sellers can make listings for their things, establish a price, and specify if they want to offer shipping or local pickup. eBay also provides a message system through which buyers and sellers can communicate and negotiate.


Craigslist is a prominent classifieds website where users can post free advertising. Sellers can put their used water heaters on the site, and buyers can contact them directly to arrange a sale. Buyers and sellers must negotiate transactions directly because Craigslist does not provide payment or shipping services.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a relatively new online marketplace linked to the social media platform. Users can search for and contact vendors of old water heaters in their area using Facebook Messenger. For extra convenience, Facebook Marketplace also provides payment and shipping options.

Overall, online markets make it simple and convenient to sell old water heaters. Sellers can utilize these platforms to interact with prospective buyers. Buyers in their area can quickly and easily arrange a sale.

Scrap Metal Dealers

Another option for people wishing to sell their used water heaters is to contact scrap metal dealers. These businesses buy and sell scrap metal, such as copper, brass, and aluminum. Scrap metal dealers typically purchase water heaters for a fair price because they contain a lot of metal.

One benefit of selling to a scrap metal dealer is that they usually provide quick and easy transactions. They will weigh the water heater and pay based on its weight. However, it is crucial to remember that the price offered by scrap metal traders can vary based on the metal’s current market value.

It is best to phone ahead and ask about the metals they accept and the current price they are offering. Some scrap metal traders may also provide pickup services for larger goods, such as water heaters, which is helpful for those who need the means to carry the item themselves.

Scrap metal merchants are a terrible choice for individuals wishing to sell used water heaters. Conduct research and compare shops to guarantee a fair price.

Recycling Centers

Recycling facilities are another alternative for people wishing to sell or get rid of their used water heaters. These facilities frequently take various products and materials, including water heaters.

One benefit of selling to a recycling center is that they usually pay competitive prices for used appliances. Furthermore, recycling centers are frequently more environmentally beneficial than other disposal options because they attempt to rescue and reuse items whenever possible.

A fast internet search should yield a list of recycling locations near you that take water heaters. Before accepting a water heater, some centers may ask that you drain it of any remaining water, so verify with the center ahead of time.

Recycling facilities can be an excellent alternative for people wishing to sell or dispose of who buys used hot water heaters near me in an environmentally responsible manner.

Charitable Organizations

Various charitable groups welcome secondhand water heater donations. Typically, these organizations sell the goods to raise revenue for their philanthropic efforts. The following groups may be interested in your secondary water heater:

Habitat for Humanity ReStore: Housing for Community ReStores is in the United States. in the United States. Charity home improvement stores and donation sites sell new and lightly used appliances, home furnishings, and construction materials to the public at a fraction of the retail price. They appreciate donations of water heaters, other household items, and construction materials. Donating a used water heater to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore helps the environment. It supports Habitat for Humanity’s objective of providing affordable housing to

low-income families.

The Salvation Army is a nonprofit organization that provides various social services to those in need, such as housing aid, food programs, and disaster relief. They accept water heaters and other home things, including clothing, furniture, and gadgets. Donating an old water heater to the Salvation Army can help fund their activities and services.

Goodwill is a charitable organization that offers job education and opportunities. Services to people with disabilities and other employment impediments. They accept water heaters and other household things like clothing, books, and toys. Donating your used water heater to Goodwill can help them realize their purpose of assisting people in achieving independence and self-sufficiency.Donating your used water heater to a nonprofit organization is a terrific way to help others while removing an unneeded item. Check with the charity first to ensure they accept water heaters and learn about donation criteria.

Who Buys Used Hot Water Heaters Near Me


Selling secondhand water heaters can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Those wishing to sell their outdated water heaters have several alternatives. Selling to scrap metal yards, recycling centers, or HVAC businesses are some of the most excellent options.

Additionally, it is essential to follow proper disposal procedures who buys used hot water heaters near me. It involves draining and unplugging the tank from any electrical or gas connections. With some research and effort, sellers can find a buyer for their used water heater and make some extra money.

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